Grad Comments

I feel that I have had not just a flying course, but actually a flying education!

B. R.England

Your accelerated instrument training course was demanding and superior. I do not think I would have succeeded without the help of P.I.C.

R. S.Switzerland

It was technically excellent and enjoyable. My instructor was by far the best instructor I have ever had.

M. N.Germany

My local examiner said the P.I.C. graduates that he had examined were some of the best IFR pilots he’s had.

F.X.T.Tampa FL

. . . Finally, someone has written a book that makes IFR flying easily understandable.

an FAA Controller

. . . lucid and easy to follow, the content is comprehensive and arranged in a logical sequence. Regardless of one’s experience level, it will be of benefit.


. . . best bargain encountered in years. The final cost, all things considered, was less than a more traditional approach to IFR.

D.P.Seattle, WA

I spent less using P.I.C. than I would have with the local CFII on a hit or miss basis over many months.

A.M.D.Stormville, NY

P.I.C. was perfect for me, because of my busy schedule.

L.D.Big Spring, TX

You instilled in me the confidence to fly safely in IFR conditions. For this I am very grateful.

R.J.L.Oakville, IL