Cirrus Transition Course

cirrusCirrus Transition Training At Your Location

Our transition training is for the person who is new to Cirrus airplanes or who has made a significant upgrade from one Cirrus model to another. It is a comprehensive review of your Cirrus model including:

  • Safe handling techniques
  • Emergency decision making unique to Cirrus airplanes
  • Airplane systems
  • Efficient operation of Garmin or Avidyne avionics
  • Safe loading of your Cirrus airplane
  • Instrument procedures and techniques (if IFR rated)

Learn from an expert

Our Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP) are not only personally trained and evaluated by Cirrus headquarters, they are highly experienced, both as Cirrus instructors and as instrument instructors. They’ve flown the weather with Garmin and Avidyne avionics and will share their wisdom. This saves you training time and makes you a safer pilot.

Save time with Cirrus-Approved Simulators

Our instructor brings a Cirrus-approved simulator with him. They’re state-of-the-art digital simulators that can be set up as any Cirrus model and almost any avionics combination, Avidyne, Perspective, or analog. Learning on the simulator before practicing in the airplane makes the process so much easier.

Dedicated Curriculum

The review workbook was written by us for this program. It will efficiently guide you through your review on Cirrus airplane systems, weight and balance, VFR and IFR procedures. You’ll have the confidence knowing that everything was covered.

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. . . Finally, someone has written a book that makes IFR flying easily understandable.
My local examiner said the PIC graduates that he had examined were some of the best IFR pilots he’s had.