Why Choose PIC


Our instructing staff are all IFR specialists, a dedicated IFR teacher. On average they complete more IFR students in a year then a local instructor would complete in their entire career. This means a more efficient program without wasted time.

PIC instructors have lots of practical IFR experience and they bring this weather wisdom to your course. They know how the theory of IFR flying is put into practice and what you’ll need to know to be a safe IFR pilot.

Whether flying G1000, GTN 650/750, G500/600, Avidyne Entegra, Aspen, Garmin Perspective or analog instruments, our instructors have the experience.


You will learn efficiently in the PIC Course because of its well organized syllabus. Graduates say that the course was far more efficient, because of the curriculum’s simplicity, completeness and logical order. The PIC Syllabus was developed over years of training instrument pilots. It is a practical guide to effective, safe and legal IFR flight. Detailed sections on all the relevant topics are included, in an orderly and logical sequence. Each section ends with a comprehensive quiz to reinforce understanding. You will be ready to use your new rating, and well prepared for the instrument flight test.


Any professional organization that trains pilots uses simulators: the military, the airlines, corporate flight departments. Why? Simulators save time. We use FAA-APPROVED, state-of-the-art simulators that can simulate the most popular avionics. It takes seconds to set up an instrument approach on a simulator; it could take 20 minutes in the airplane. Your instructor can “freeze” the action during a simulator lesson to discuss something, try that in the airplane! We like to fly in actual weather whenever possible, but sometimes it’s still unflyable. If this happens, we can simply skip that flight session and use the simulator.


We originated the concept of full-time, on location, IFR training. It’s all we do. You only get your IFR rating once. Doesn’t it make sense to tap into the best expertise available? Call us now and one of our Training Counselors will be happy to discuss your particular needs, 1-800-435-9437 (1-800-I-FLY-IFR) or visit our Contact Page.


PIC gives you outstanding personal service. From the day you sign up to the day of your flight test, we are ready to guide and assist you. Whether in a large city or on a remote farm, you can get professional quality instrument training where you live, on your schedule. Your PIC instructor gives ground school and simulator sessions in your home, and flight training from your local airport. He stays at a nearby motel, and tailors the eight hour daily schedule to suit you. Our nationwide network of instructors gives us ready access to all parts of the country.

The training is predictable and proven. Thanks to PIC’s experience, you can count on excellent service and top quality results. The course is carefully planned and tested – it is going on every day in many different parts of the country. Like our many graduates, you can expect smooth execution and nothing forgotten. Our clients agree that the convenience of the program cannot
be matched elsewhere.


The alternative to full-time training is the free-lance instructor or FBO flight school. These local operators may offer low per hour cost. Unfortunately, they usually stretch the training over so many months, and use so many airplane hours, that the total cost is surprisingly high.

The PIC course is more economical. It calls for only ten days and 27 flight hours, and most clients finish on schedule. You can actually have your rating within ten days of beginning the course! The simulator is such an effective learning tool that you need less aircraft time, and you save money accordingly.

PIC has a single fee for the 10 day training. It includes all instruction and unlimited use of the simulator. The average cost of PIC training is actually less than competitive programs. Our clients find it an excellent value – an efficient and cost effective route to the instrument rating.

Ready to learn more? View additional information on our IFR Training courses, IFR Refresher courses, and Cabin Class Aircraft courses. Need information on pricing? Visit our contact form.

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I spent less using PIC than I would have with the local CFII on a hit or miss basis over many months.